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Fruit tree spraying

We have had a number of questions about how to care for Fruit Trees. Here is a basic spray regime for them. Prevention is much easier than cure! Hope this helps.


  • Spray stone and Pip fruit with copper. This will cure most fungal diseases.


  • At bud swell and at bud burst spray with copper or Mavrik. This will cure leaf curl as well as discourage aphid and thrips.
  • In mid-spring, when stone fruit trees are in full bloom, spray again with Mavrik or copper to limit brown rot and other insect pests.
  • Also in mid-spring spray pip fruit with Fungus Fighter to limit the spread of black spot.


  • In late spring / summer if your fruit trees are affected with brown rot or pear slug, spray with Bravo or a similar spray. Also in late spring / summer spray pip fruit trees with Fungus Fighter or Cabaryl. This will control powdery mildew, codling moth and leaf curler.


  • At autumn leaf fall spray both stone and pip fruit with copper to help clean up any fungal disease.

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