Tree felling & removal

No fuss. No mess. No problem.

Yes, arborists love trees. But we also understand that they can’t always share the same space with people. So when a tree has to go, we won’t argue. We’ll get on and do the job quickly, efficiently and safely. We won’t damage anything else on your property and after we’ve gone there’ll be no sign that we—or the tree—were ever there.

Removing trees in a difficult location​

No worries! When trees are situated in confined spaces, close to the road or surrounded by buildings or other plants, we employ a process called tree dismantling or sectional tree removal. This is a cost-effective method that doesn’t require helicopters.

Using specialist rigging equipment and techniques, we maintain full control over the direction and travel of detached pieces of the tree as it’s removed in sections. 

Full safety plan

We have full traffic management available if required, and all our work has a site-specific safety plan. Get in touch for more information.

Removing damaged trees

With weather becoming more unpredictable and intense, storm-damaged trees are increasingly common. These can be dangerous. A storm-damaged tree has unusual tension and compression wood which makes it heavy and unstable, especially when it’s being worked on.

A failed limb or tree also compromises the safety of nearby people, cars, buildings or other trees. If you’re concerned about your tree’s health or safety, we strongly recommend getting a professional assessment of the risk. Contact us now to arrange a free arborist visit.

“I am just so pleased with the job your crew has done. It’s brilliant and I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much.”

Plant replacement trees

Losing trees can be emotional, especially if they were planted in memory of a special person or occasion. Trees also become cherished landmarks, with their loss felt by the local community.

We offer a full replacement tree service, including:

Advising which trees would be best for your property

  • Removing the stumps of your old trees
  • Providing a planting plan 
  • Supplying and planting the new trees for you

Be warned that tree planting takes arborists to their happy place and we’ll probably get highly invested in the results … to the point where you might catch us referring to your place as “our” garden!

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Health & Safety is a huge issue in our industry. We work hard to ensure we comply with our client companies’ high standards. Advanced Tree Services is fully accredited with Site Safe, ConstructSafe and traffic management protocols.

Professional help for your trees​

There’s more than one way to manage a tree. We’re experts in natural environments and can advise you on your options.