Tree pruning & care

Shape your living landscape

Trees and gardens grow and evolve—sometimes in ways you didn’t expect! Whether you’ve created your garden from scratch or inherited one established by someone else, chances are you’ll eventually want to make adjustments.

If you have a vision for your outdoor space, we’ll expertly shape your trees to match it. And we’ll make sure the changes work for the trees as well as you.

Keep your trees compact

Reducing the height or spread of trees without negatively impacting on them is a science and we’re qualified specialists.

By using arboricultural techniques to reduce trees properly, we maintain their structural integrity and form. That means less pruning—and money—required in future.


Let in the light and reinvigorate your garden

You wouldn’t believe the difference that form pruning, thinning or a good trim and tidy of your trees and shrubs can make. Form pruning your trees removes dead, diseased, or dangerous branches; improves structure; enhances vigour; and maintains safety.

Thinning your trees will highlight the branch structure and allow in more light.

Ensure your tree is safe

There are a number of defects that will make your tree more likely to fail or shed branches. These include re-growth from topping, broken or partially attached branches, open cavities, dead or dying branches, decay in old wounds, a change in soil grade or level, or other construction activity.

If you’re concerned about the health or safety of your tree, contact us now for a free arborist visit and assessment.

Give your garden the “Wow!” factor

What sort of effect do you want to create? Park-like? Natural? Highly ornamental and structured? We’ve seen and worked in every kind of garden and we understand what underpins each design.

We can advise how to add charm and character to your garden plants. For example, removing the lower branches of a shrub or tree creates light and space for under planting and can also reveal attractive bark or branch structure. Or we can create focal points in your garden by thinning to add character and grace to a formless tree or shrub.

Contact us now for a free arborist visit and chat.

Pruning protected trees

If your tree is classified as notable or is located on a site of ecological significance, pruning may require resource content.

Trees protected through a subdivision resource consent don’t require an additional consent for pruning maintenance. However, the Christchurch City Council (CCC) requires that the pruning be carried out by a suitably qualified and experienced arborist.

Advanced Tree Services is a CCC-approved contractor for consented pruning or removal work and we’re happy to advise on what may be required for your situation.

“I wanted to say how very pleased we were. The guys were extremely professional, highly skilled and efficient. They worked with care for the tree, which is exactly what we wanted.”

Protecting trees on a construction site

The processes involved with construction can be deadly to nearby trees. Physical injury to the trunk or crown, cutting of roots, soil compaction, smothering roots and exposure to elements won’t kill the trees immediately; they’re more likely to decline over several years.

The good news is that by taking the right measures, it’s possible to preserve trees on building sites. We can assist you during the planning stage of your development, help you decide which trees can be saved, and work with your builder to protect the trees through each construction phase.

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Health & Safety is a huge issue in our industry. We work hard to ensure we comply with our client companies’ high standards. Advanced Tree Services is fully accredited with Site Safe, ConstructSafe and traffic management protocols.

Professional help for your trees​

There’s more than one way to manage a tree. We’re experts in natural environments and can advise you on your options.